Social impact

As a company boost exist for having social impact. Both of the founders are leading charities and social enterprises trying to make a difference in the Romanian society. Our organisations are part of the boost family.

Why social impact is important for us!

We are Christians and believe in God as He is revealed in the Bible. Boost is His company, we steward it. Through boost we are responding to His call to spread the GOOD NEWS and to work in His Kingdom in Romania. Both Daniel & Ruben are active in different non profit organizations and in a local church. Therefore boost is supporting numerous education initiatives, food projects, baby- and familycare projects.

The boost family

Roman Works is a social enterprise with the mission to create workplaces in Romania. Persons with a distance to the workplace are getting the opportunity to work in the wood workshop. Recycl'art is the main brand of the ministry.

Daniel - Roman Works Foundation

Human Impact is reaching out to marginalized families with children in poor neighborhoods.

Ruben - Human Impact Foundation

Coming Home is improving education for disadvantaged groups of children in local schools. The team supports local schools and is organising after school programs, homework tutoring and children bible clubs.

Debora - Coming Home foundation

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