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Ruben Marissen Magento Developer in Romania. More than 15 years experience in e-commerce

If you’re looking to create an e-commerce webshop that is tailored to your unique business needs, Boost is here to help. Founded by Ruben Marissen, an experienced Magento webshop builder, The Boost Company has been building custom Magento e-commerce webshops since 2011. Boost is the perfect partner to help you build the perfect Magento 2 e-commerce webshop.

With over a decade of experience building Magento e-commerce webshops, Ruben Marissen has established himself as an expert in the front-end development field. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to upgrade your existing e-commerce website, BOOST can help you build a responsive, scalable, and customizable Magento 2 webshop that meets your business goals.

Clients in Europe

BOOST has helped numerous clients in The Netherlands and Romania build successful e-commerce webshops. We understand the unique needs of businesses operating in these regions, and can provide tailored solutions that help you achieve your business goals. With BOOST, you can be confident that your Magento e-commerce webshop will be designed and built to meet the specific needs of your business and target market.

When you choose BOOST to build your Magento e-commerce webshop, you can be assured of a high-quality, customized solution that meets your specific needs. Our expertise with Magento, combined with our commitment to client satisfaction, makes us the perfect partner to help you build the perfect e-commerce webshop for your business. Contact BOOST today to learn more about how they can help you achieve your e-commerce goals.

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Frequently asked questions

A Magento 2 web shop is an online shop based on the platform Magento 2. We are experienced developers for Magento 2 and we can help you from A-Z with your project.

The Hyvä Theme is the frontend theme for Magento — the number one Open Source eCommerce system on the planet (if you ask us).

But Hyvä is a lot more. It is also a toolset, an extension ecosystem and supporting community.

On top of that, Hyvä offers the best performance and user experience, without the cost and overhead of a PWA.

Prices start at 3.000 EUR (VAT (if applicable) excluded). The license for Hyvä Theme is not included in this price. The license for Hyvä is 1.000 EUR.

Depending on your needs you might also need budget for extensions. In short we can conclude that a Magento 2 with Hyva Theme developed by BOOST will start around 5.000 EUR. 

For a good Magento 2 webshop you need to take in account a minimal of 3 months of development.

Boost does not offer webhosting for Magento 2 web shops. For a Magento Web Shop you need to take in account a budget of 50-250 EUR/month for webhosting. This depends on your traffic and features in your web shop. We recommend Hypernode. But we can give a suitable advise based on your location.

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+40 741 182 084 is Rubens phone number. Ruben is our lead developer, so he can answer all of your questions regarding websites and webshops. Feel free to call him!

Calling Daniel is a great option as well. His phone number is +40741 203 620, technical questions he might avoid but you will have a great talk about your project and he can tell you how boost  can be you online partner.